My Services
Please see my different services listed below.

Starter Custom Web Site
Choose from one of 4 templates as a starting base point for your new site. I will customize colors and background images to match your company branding style. See the Templates page page for working examples of these 4 starter templates. Please note, the template is just for the basic page layout and basic functionality. All the visual aspects can be customized.

All templates are created using CSS, CSS3, XHTML and PHP. If these templates don't meet your needs, lets talk! You can explain to me what your needs are, so I'll know how to increase the functionality for you. If your website needs are advanced, I have a programmer that I work with who can provide things like custom Content Mangement Systems and more. Fill out and send to me my questionaire to get started.

All Templates are tested to insure the best quality in all the major browsers listed below.

chromesafari fire foxInternet Explorer

Custom Web Site Design
I always say that building a website is like building a house. The cost all depends on what you want built. My process is to sit down with you and learn about your needs. I also like clients to send me a link to two web sites: One that you like for the way it works, and one that you like for the way it looks. This, along with consultation, helps me understand your needs and desires. Next I create a visual template storyboard of what your website will look like. After you're satisfied with the mock-up, I write up a contract with an estimated price, we sign, and then I build away. After we have established a relationship, most clients just pay me my hourly wage to maintain and update their website (for any changes/edits that you want that weren't included in the original contract). I am currently charging $65/hr for custom website development.

I provide my clients with all the files that were created during the development of their website. In addition, I get the hosting package signed up under your name. This way, when it's time for yearly renewals, the reminder emails come to you. With all of the development working files in your hands, you have everything you need to maintain the website yourself or take it to another designer if you wish.

Custom On-Line Learning Content

As I worked at SAIT and Enform for 10 years, creating custom training content for on-line learning and distance education programs, I am farmilar with building content for LMS systems such as Moddle and WebCT. I have also built stand alone training web content and reusible learning objects. I can work in a team or on my own, whatever you desire. I am very farmilar with the development process that surrounds the design and building of learning content. I have worked on several teams with Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts, Project Managers and other contractors.

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Company Idenity Branding
I have experience in designing several different types of marketing materials. I would be happy to work with you to create professional company brand including logos, business cards, print electronic flyers, newspaper ads, we sites, and any other marketing tool you require! As always, all working files are yours so you can continue to use them over and over to create future materials for your bussiness.

Client Training
If you are a somewhat web savvy person, I'm willing to train you to update and maintain your website yourself! You will need to know computer and web basics and you will be required to get a web editor program. I will design a custom training program for you based on your needs and your website. See my Flash presentation Introduction to Websites for the Small Business Owner. (Please note as this is a presentation that was designed to run locally, it may take time to download. Use your arrow keys to navigate through it)

My Design Phillosophy (Browsers)
Currently Internet Explorer still holds a large majority of users on the web. Click here to see the latest statistics. I was always taught to design for the lowest common denominator so I make sure all my designs work in IE 7 through to the most current version (IE9 as of April 2011). If you require an IE 6 style sheet I can design one for you, however I am slowly dropping IE6 as 3 newer verions have now been released.

All this being said, Internet Explorer is not my favorite browser to use. Here is why;

Just a little FYI: Most people think that Safari is only for Macs and Ipads, but it's not. I have a PC with Windows and I have all of the major browsers installed on it. I'm constantly flipping back and forth between browsers to ensure everything works well.

The one thing I like about Safari is the top bar is small so your display area for your web content is larger. Safari, Chrome, and FireFox 4.0 all support CSS3 transitions. As these browsers have been supporting this technology for sometime now, all your cool animations show up. Chrome's popularity is become larger all the time (again see the stats link above.)

It's easy to install a new browser on your home computer. (At work your IT department may have restrictions and standards to follow regarding browsers.) I would encourge you to download one of these other browsers and try it out. The first time you install FireFox it even grabs all your favorites from IE and pulls them into FireFox. I know it's an adjustment to get used to a new interface, but I think if you stay with IE you will be missing out. Just a thought.

Below I have provided links to pages where you can download a different browser if you wish. It's easy really.

chrome safari fire foxInternet Explorer